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At My Dentist, our empathy for our patients, and treating each patient the way we would want to be treated ourselves is our biggest attribute to longevity. Being a painless dentist, providing state of the art treatments, and reinvesting into our facility are among some of the reasons we have been in practice for 70 years. Our biggest secret to success is always placing the patients interests, fears, and needs as our greatest priority. If you're a new patient, get your new patient documents HERE !

We Offer Painless Dentistry And So Much More!

  • 1981 First Expansion to 5 Staff Members including 2 Hygienist
  • 1988 Doubled the floor plan
  • Increased Staff to 10 Including a Root Canal Specialist and Gum Surgeon Specialist
  • 1989 Creation of our own In-House Dental Lab called, "Great Impression"
  • Surviving and Thriving during 2008 up to the present despite all the local and national economic down turns
  • 2017 New Addition to our team, a Director of Marketing bringing the staff total to 13
  • 2017 Adding Lips & Btox Cosmetic Lipstick Line
  • Klencher Crowns with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Our own Trademarked "Klencher Bite Guard"
Cosmetic Tooth - Cosmetic Dentistry in Millville, NJ
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