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When you're trying to choose a dentist, you want proof that they're going to treat you well. If you're afraid of dental pain, you want evidence that they will make your process as pain-free and easy as possible. Read below to see what our happy customers are saying, then contact us with questions or to book an appointment.

We LOVE Our Patients

"I've been going to My Dentist for years. Becky, my hygienist, is always friendly and does a great job without causing any pain. My teeth always feel clean and healthy after my visit. Dr. Kourakin gives a thorough exam and I feel confident that my teeth will stay strong throughout my lifetime. I've also had the 'Zoom2' whitening done and I couldn't be happier with the results."

-Mike E.
"I have been a patient at Dr. George Kourakin's My Dentist office for close to 25 years. I went to school with Dr. K., which is probably why I chose him in the first place! He has the most gentle techniques and gives a needle like no other. Totally painless dentistry!"

-Brenda T.
"I always feel that when Dr. Kourakin examines my teeth and mouth, he does a very thorough examine. Dr. Kourakin explains his findings and tells me in a way I can understand. He makes his recommendations and there is never any pressure. I know that when he recommends a procedure, it is because it is necessary and in my best interest for my dental and general health."

-Elizabeth N.
"Dr. Kourakin not only gave me a new smile, but a new lease on life! I was comfortable through the entire procedure, and he quelled any concerns I had with his knowledge and experience. There's no doubt that I will see no other dentist after the amazing experience I had here. Thank you Dr. Kourakin and staff!"

-Cassie R.
"He is THE greatest dentist I have ever met. He's professional, courteous, and cares about you as a person!!!! Recommend for everyone!!!!!!!"

-Reverend James S.
"Thank you Dr. Kourakin and your amazing staff for the most professional, comfortable and compassionate painfree experience i received today! I look forward to my future visits and recommend your amazing team to everyone. Thank you for making me Smile!”

-Mercedes W.
"I had to write a review since I am 48 years old and have never been to a dentist that hasnt hurt me when i have gotten a cavity filled. I made sure they knew this and he was just wonderful, not a bit of pain and kept checking that I was ok. I would recommend anyone who has had a bad experience to go to him he was wonderful."

-Kris S.
"Dr. Kourakin is great as are all the hygienists. I have been going for the last 20 plus years. Great service. Great dental work. Never had a problem. Would definitely recommend."

-Amanda G.
"I have had my experiences with other dentists and to me, Dr Kourakin and his staff not only provide quality care over my teeth, but they have such caring attitudes. He's very good at what he does, and I am happy that I've finally found my dentist."

-Kristine B.
"I was vacationing in Sea Isle New Jersey and broke a front tooth while eating crab. I am from Illinois and we still had half a week left in our vacation. I Googled Dentists near me and found Dr. Kourakin with high ratings. There was another Dentist closer to my location but the reviews were not very good so I chose Dr. Kourakin and was glad I did. The front desk administrator was exceptional and very helpful. She contacted my Insurance Company to make sure my emergency visit would be covered and was able to get me in that day. Dr. Kourakin was able to fix my tooth and there was absolutely no pain involved. He did an excellent job and sent me home with my X-rays for my regular Dentist to review. The staff was professional and kind. Everyone was so nice and helpful. They made it possible for me to enjoy the second half of my vacation. I am grateful and would recommend his services."

-Sarah O.
"Excellent emergency consultation. I'm not a patient of Dr. Kourakin but I called his office with an emergency (an upper wisdom tooth broke and was causing consistent, excruciating pain) Dr. Kourakin took the time to listen and assess how serious my situation was while also helping me understand my options and give me temporary solutions for pain without prescribing me any medication (Orajel and over the counter motrin) until I was seen by the surgeon. Dr. Kourakin is a genuine and good man for helping someone who calls at 7:30p.m. on a friday night, he was the only dentist out of 5 others that I called who called me back quickly and pointed me in the right direction knowing he wasn't going to make any money for a 20 mintue phone conversation. That level of character deserves 5 stars without a doubt. My tooth hurts but at least my mind is at ease after talking with him, thanks Doc!"

-Jon R.
"I will start out by saying if I could rate 10 stars I would. I have had horrific experiences with other dentists. I was looking for a new dentist for our family. My sister told me to try this office and I am so glad I did. I guess I will start with the fact that we never have an extended wait in the waiting room! Hard to believe there is an office that realizes our time is also precious. They have time management down to a science. The staff from the front desk all the way to the assistants are friendly and caring. We have been going to the office for a few months now and they know us by name. A few of my children were so scared because of past experiences they have had. Dr. Kourakin is so gentle and so good. The kids who were scared are now happy to go to the dentist. I have watched him calm their fears. To be honest I never enjoyed going to the dentist either but coming to this office has even changed that feeling for me. I recommended them to everyone. I could not ask for a better experience. I could go on for days about this place. Thanks a million!!!!"

-Rebecca L.
"My daughter is 4 and she can be stubborn when she doesn't want to do something. And I could not find a dentist that she felt comfortable with and liked. This was her first official checkup and I was so worried that she was going to start screaming. But she didn't! The staff is amazing and she obsoletely loved Dr. Kourakin and the hygienists! They were Friendly, caring and made my daughter so comfortable and happy. I'm very excited that we found a place like this! Thank you to the wonderful staff!"

-Shannon S.
"Dr. Kourakin is amazing. I went in today to get a few cavities filled. I had no idea that's what was happening at the time because I've never had a cavity before. Well before he started to fill them I felt him fidgeting around in my mouth and then he asks me, "Are you in any pain?" I looked at him puzzled and I said, "No." He said "Really?" "I just gave you 3 needles." I honestly didn't feel a thing. The man is a miracle worker. I'm no longer afraid to go to the dentist. Thank you Dr. Kourakin!"

-Shameka M.
"Dr. Kourakin has been my dentist for a very long time. I was recently there to have a filling on a tooth in the front that has been shifting and I was very self conscious about my smile. We talked about putting a filling in to keep it from shifting further. When he was done he handed me a mirror. I was very pleasantly surprised. My front teeth were even and I left there as one very happy patient!!! He also has the nicest dental hygienists and office staff! I will be going back as soon as I can to get the other tooth fixed!"

-Teri M.
"Dr. Kourakin gave me my smile back. Relaxed atmosphere, practically pain free, and a friendly staff. Thanks Doc, you're the man!"

-Dave M.
"Since my girls were both old enough to go to the dentist they have been going to MY DENTIST. The care they received there by their very patient staff, Julie Baum-Abbott, Dr. K, has been nothing but good! They were never afraid of going because of how gently they were treated and remain dentally healthy because of the way they were encouraged to take care of their teeth. Also Julie's very calming voice made things easier for me."

-Lee C.
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